"Always a Pleasure"

By Timothy Basil Ering | Fine Artist Illustrator and Author

Discover the captivating centerpiece at the heart of the new Blue Fish River Tavern (BRT) in Duxbury. A stunning three-panel acrylic mural celebrating the iconic Blue Fish River, Blue Fish River Bridge, and the enchanting “Perfect Tree” (also known as the Gum Drop Tree) is complemented by a captivating dimensional wood sculpture featuring a charming dinghy christened “Always a Pleasure.” It adorns the mantel in the main dining room, serving as the quintessential focal point that captures the essence of Duxbury’s natural beauty and maritime charm.

Timothy Basil Ering lives in Kingston, MA and is available for commissions for public and private spaces.

Timothy Basil Ering and BRT Owner Eric Daigle

The story behind the mural.

Tim and Eric Daigle, both raising their families in Kingston, MA, became friends from the sidelines while parenting and coaching their boys of the same age —  young athletes with an insatiable appetite for sports. Tim is a youth soccer coach and Eric is a youth football coach.

Camaraderie formed in the bleachers has grown to extend beyond the playing field, creating a unique bond between two fathers who share the joy of seeing their sons excel in various pursuits.

Last winter after an exhilarating basketball game, Eric, formerly the general manager of East Bay Grille, shared an exciting piece of news with Tim: he had acquired “The Milepost,” an iconic Duxbury tavern. establishment. Eric asked Tim, an artist, if he like to create artwork for the soon-to-be-renovated Bluefish River Tavern.

Now, here they stand, a year later, with an 11-foot masterpiece hung as the centerpiece of a bustling tavern.  This painting, one-of-a-kind and truly unique, serves as a symbol of a shared journey between two fathers, coaches, and friends.

BRT's Signature Beer by Mayflower Brewing Company inspired by Erings dimensional wood sculpture, a dinghy christened "Always a Pleasure". Custom tap crafted by Ering.
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