Necks Out for Adventure: The True Story of Edwin Wiggleskin

By Timothy Basil Ering

What if a tiny wiggleskin dared to leave his shell and stick his neck out? A warm, whimsical tale from the illustrator of The Tale Of Desperaux
For as long as anyone could remember, the wiggleskins have lived by a simple rule: Necks out to eat, and necks in to hide. But then comes the dreadful day when all the wiggleskins are ripped from their holes and taken away — all but a brave little wiggleskin named Edwin. To save his mom and the rest of the clan, Edwin must shuck his shell and adopt a new rule: Necks out for adventure! Timothy Basil Ering’s boisterous and warmhearted adventure will have you cheering for Edwin — and for plucky souls everywhere who dare stick their necks out.
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